Casa delle Terre Forti - La nostra casa. Il piacere di accogliervi

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The elegant house, enchanting gardens and stunning location make Casa delle Terre Forti a truly beautiful location for a wedding.
The house provides an impressive backdrop to your celebration with versatile facilities that can make you wedding day a joy for each one of your events.
We offer the exclusive use of the house and gardens, your guests will be able to scroll in the garden, sip champagne on the lawn and take views over the garden.
Your wedding day is certainly the most important day of your life and in that day we all want different things for our wedding.
That is why Casa delle Terre Forti offers a blank canvas where marriages can be really tailored entirely to your whim.
It is important for you to have the little something that is truly personal, that’s why we specialise in allowing you to make your day whatever you want it to be.
The aim is to create a ceremony that speaks about you: your character, your present and future dreams and  create a unique ceremony, that will be unforgettable for you and your friends. An authentic day to remember again and again.
Together we will decide very carefully all the details: fittings, tablecloths, floral arrangements, music and the general  atmosphere that you want to give to the special day.
Whatever is your idea: romantic wedding, elegant, minimal, baroque, princely, hippie, Casa delle Terre Forti will be able to draw it, materializing it just as you’ve always imagined.
You can choose the outdoor ceremony, immersed in the breathtaking gardens and terraces, or the elegant and charming interior.
That day Casa delle Terre Forti will speak about you in each detail: fragrances, colours, menus, music, atmosphere.
Everything will be written with the pen of your desires.


  • culinary cuisine
  • sleeping
  • wedding planner
  • dedicated staff
  • floral arrangements
  • music
  • atmosphere

Civil ceremony

Casa delle Terre Forti offers its extensive gardens for the celebration of the rite, and its staff will be happy to support the future bride and groom in this special event.