Casa delle Terre Forti - La nostra casa. Il piacere di accogliervi

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Our house

Il paradiso ha un nome quaggiù.
Qui la natura capricciosa e benigna
ha creato il suo poemae lo canta in eterno
il mare di Aci Castello, turrita e favolosa, suona una nenia…
Tra i mitici Faraglioni di Aci Trezza.
Questo è il solo punto della terra da cui si possono contare tutte le stelle.”
Mario Gori
tratto da “Cuore Innamorato
Casa delle Terre Forti is a private residence with a refined and unique style.
The house situated on the hills of Acicastello, nearby from Catania enjoys a breathtaking view: on one side the enchanting Faraglioni of Acitrezza, on the other the majestic Norman Castle of Acicastello.
When the sky is deep blue, the horizon offers the most beautiful panorama: from the beautiful terraces of the house it is possible to see the Volcano Etna and the breathtaking atmosphere of the Ionian coast that accompanies the view up to the first Greek settlement of Taormina.
Casa delle Terre Forti is theatre of wide gardens beautifully detailed, a marvellous rooftop pool, stunning terraces, a really perfect picturesque backdrop for unforgettable momements.
The house has also many historic features and tastefully decorated reception rooms to provide a great setting for any event that you decide to celebrate.
Casa delle Terre Forti offers a blank canvas where events can be tailored entirely to your whim, the house is an amazing romantic venue where all your dreams will be fulfilled.
Since you arrive you will be encouraged to treat it like home, with friendly staff whose sole aim is to make you and your guests experience truly wonderful.